Lançamos a Coleção 5 (1985-2019)


Reviewed historical series

MapBiomas Collection 5 data show the 35 years  (1985 to 2019) of Brazil's annual land cover and use maps 
on a 30 m scale with improvements in accuracy in the biomes and new classes of agriculture.

The new limit of biomes on a scale of 1:250,000 from IBGE has already been used.

Mais classes e camadas de dados

O número de classes mapeadas aumentou de 19 para 21 e inclui soja (2000-2019), cana e culturas perenes (versão beta). Foram encontrados mapas da evolução da agricultura irrigada no Brasil (2000-2018) e avaliações de qualidade das pastagens (2010 e 2018) ambos em versão beta.

Deforestation and regeneration

Data of native vegetation suppression and regeneration data for all Brazilian biomes covering the period of 1988 to 2017.

Infrastructure Information

Historical data on Brazil's energy, transportation, and mining infrastructure were incorporated including roads, railways, airports, hydroelectric, thermoelectric, and transmission lines, among others.

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