Get to know MapBiomas and its other initiatives, such as Mapbiomas Alert, Geocovid, MapBiomas Fire and Mapbiomas Water.

  • MapBiomas Initiative
  • MapBiomas Alert
  • MapBiomas Fire: an unprecedented view of the areas affected by fires in Brazil over the years
  • MapBiomas Water: the loss of surface water in Brazil since the early 1990s
  • Geocovid MapBiomas brings more data and resources to monitor the covid-19 pandemic

Check here out all the launches and seminars held by the initiative.

Click here to see how the launch of the MapBiomas Collection 5 and its themed webinars went.

  • Brazil 1985-2020: The transformations of the Brazilian territory in the last 36 years (Collection 6)
  • Launch of the Annual Report on Deforestation in Brazil - 2020
  • Launch of Pampa Sudamericano Collection 1 (2000-2019)
  • Launch of the MapBiomas Bosque Atlântico Collection 1
  • Launch of the new Geocovid MapBiomas

Watch a series of thematic videos on how MapBiomas data are applied in different areas in the Brazilian territory.

  • Pampa, a meeting point for migratory birds
  • MapBiomas historical series help in scenario modeling
  • Monitoring native vegetation amidst planted forests
  • Satellite mapping of irrigation pivots contributes to sustainable water use
  • The challenge of pasture mapping in Brazil
  • How to integrate forest restoration and agricultural production
  • Pressure on the Kayapó reserve
  • Following the jaguars of the Pantanal
  • Maps, monkeys and yellow fever
  • Mangrove, the first protected vegetation in Brazil
  • The case of the Jamanxim National Forest
  • MapBiomas and the history of a living territory

Learn how to access the MapBiomas platform, download collections, add layers of information, browse statistics, create and save maps and much more.

  • MapBiomas Water: water surface data in Brazil
  • Getting Started on the MapBiomas Platform (Collection 6)
  • MapBiomas Data Access Toolkits (Collection 6)
  • How to download MapBiomas data and maps (Collection 6)
  • How to download deforestation and regeneration data (Collection 5)
  • Deforestation and secondary vegetation data (Collection 5)
  • Assessing the accuracy of MapBiomas land use maps (Collection 5)
  • MapBiomas GitHub (Collection 5)
  • Pasture quality (Collection 5)
  • Irrigation (Collection 5)
  • Exploring land use transitions (collection 5)
  • How to create and save my maps (Collection 5)
  • How to use the MapBiomas Alerta plugin in QGIS
  • Taking questions from MapBiomas (Forum and FAQ)
  • Navigating land use statistics (Collection 5)
  • Adding layers of information to the MapBiomas map (Collection 5)

See here the videos of winning works and events from past editions.

Click here for more information about the award.

  • Launch 4th Edition of the MapBiomas Award
  • Guardians of the Amazon: technology to protect the forest
  • The influence of land use and land cover in the hydrographic basins of APA Costa dos Corais (AL)
  • Where is the forest?
  • The impact of land use changes in the Chaco
  • A model with scenarios of the Atlantic Forest's natural regeneration
  • A methodology to measure the implementation of the ABC Plan
  • Award Ceremony: 3rd Edition of the MapBiomas Award
  • MapBiomas in agribusiness
  • The illegality of mining activities in Brazil