We launched Collection 6 (1985-2020)


Get to know MapBiomas and its other initiatives, such as Mapbiomas Alert, Geocovid, MapBiomas Fire and Mapbiomas Water.

  • Mapbiomas Initiative
  • Mapbiomas Alert
  • Mapbiomas Fire
  • MapBiomas Water

Check here out all the launches and seminars held by the initiative.

Click here to see how the launch of the MapBiomas Collection 5 and its themed webinars went.

  • Launch of the new Geocovid MapBiomas
  • Launch of the MapBiomas Bosque Atlântico Collection 1
  • Launch of Pampa Sudamericano Collection 1 (2000-2019)
  • Launch of the Annual Report on Deforestation in Brazil - 2020

Watch a series of thematic videos on how MapBiomas data are applied in different areas in the Brazilian territory.

  • MapBiomas and the history of a living territory
  • The case of the Jamanxim National Forest
  • Mangrove, the first protected vegetation in Brazil
  • Maps, monkeys and yellow fever
  • Following the jaguars of the Pantanal
  • Pressure on the Kayapó reserve
  • How to integrate forest restoration and agricultural production
  • The challenge of pasture mapping in Brazil
  • Satellite mapping of irrigation pivots contributes to sustainable water use

Learn how to access the MapBiomas platform, download collections, add layers of information, browse statistics, create and save maps and much more.

  • Adding layers of information to the MapBiomas map (Collection 5)
  • Navigating land use statistics (Collection 5)
  • Taking questions from MapBiomas (Forum and FAQ)
  • How to use the MapBiomas Alerta plugin in QGIS
  • How to create and save my maps (Collection 5)
  • Exploring land use transitions (collection 5)
  • Irrigation (Collection 5)
  • Pasture quality (Collection 5)
  • MapBiomas GitHub (Collection 5)
  • Assessing the accuracy of MapBiomas land use maps (Collection 5)
  • Deforestation and secondary vegetation data (Collection 5)
  • How to download deforestation and regeneration data (Collection 5)
  • How to download MapBiomas data and maps (Collection 6)
  • MapBiomas Data Access Toolkits (Collection 6)
  • Getting Started on the MapBiomas Platform (Collection 6)

See here the videos of winning works and events from past editions.

Click here for more information about the award.

  • Award Ceremony: 3rd Edition of the MapBiomas Award
  • A methodology to measure the implementation of the ABC Plan
  • A model with scenarios of the Atlantic Forest's natural regeneration
  • The impact of land use changes in the Chaco
  • Where is the forest?
  • The influence of land use and land cover in the hydrographic basins of APA Costa dos Corais (AL)
  • Guardians of the Amazon: technology to protect the forest