We launched Collection 6 (1985-2020)


Here you can download the MapBiomas statistic database in Collection 6.0:

  • DEFORESTATION AND REGENERATION BY BIOME AND STATE (BASED ON COLLECTION 5) (V8H) - data of area (km and ha) of deforestation and regeneration by land cover class for each state and biome between the years 1988 and 2017.[COMING SOON]

  • IRRIGATION - VERSÃO BETA (BASE COLLECTION 6) - irrigation area (ha) data for each state and biome between 2000 and 2020.[COMING SOON]

  • PASTURE QUALITY - VERSÃO BETA (BASE COLLECTION 6) - area data (ha) of different degrees of degradation for pastures for each state and biome in the years 2000 and 2020.[COMING SOON]

The Area Calculation code allows the generation of statistics for any land area saved as an asset of the Google Earth Engine.