MapBiomas provides 3m resolution satellite imagery's base maps

MapBiomas is the first platform in Brazil to offer the high resolution mosaics provided by an international contract with Norway

April 16th, 2021 - The MapBiomas Brasil and MapBiomas Alerta platforms now offer one more base map option: the recent mosaics of Planet images with a resolution of 3 meters. MapBiomas is the first initiative in Brazil to make this material available to the entire public.

When accessing MapBiomas' map platforms, users can choose the Planet images updated in high resolution as their base map, in addition to options as the Landsat mosaics, Google Street View, among others. The first  base map consists of images from October 2020. Over the next few weeks, a tool will be implemented to select the month of interest.

The inclusion of the maps was made possible thanks to the cooperation agreement between Planet and the Government of Norway, which also involved Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) and Airbus. The international contract, of around US $ 43.5 million, aims to provide universal access to high resolution satellite images to monitor the tropics and contribute to efforts against deforestation and for the sustainable development of these regions.

In this first stage, the base maps made available by MapBiomas are mosaics from October 2020. Soon, it will be possible to see the monthly maps updated every 30 days. The integration of Planet images in the platforms comes from the NextGenMap project, a partnership between MapBiomas and Planet, Google and the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation. Started in 2018, researchers from different institutions that are part of the MapBiomas Network have joined efforts to integrate daily PlanetScope images from Planet's satellite constellation with the Google Earth Engine Platform (GEE), and develop artificial intelligence algorithms for extracting information from images .

In 2019, based on the NextGenMap experience, MapBiomas Alerta was developed - a system that allows validating, refining and generating customized reports for each deforestation alert detected in Brazil with the help of Planet images and cloud processing on Google Earth Engine.

The inclusion of current and high resolution base maps amplifies the possibilities of understanding what happens in the Brazilian territory close to real time.

How to access Planet's base maps with 3m resolution

To use Planet's base maps in MapBiomas Brasil and MapBiomas Alerta:

1. access the platforms:
MapBiomas Brasil -
MapBiomas Alerta -

2. click on the last item in the tool menu on the right, on the map (Base Map)

3. select “Planet Mosaic (Oct / 2020)

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