MapBiomas opens registration to award scientific data on land cover and land use

Companies win an exclusive category in the fourth edition as a way to encourage the participation of the private sector in combating climate change 

Registration for the 4th edition of the MapBiomas Prize, held in partnership with the Ciência Hoje Institute, opened on Wednesday, November 10. This year, in addition to the categories General, Young (for lead authors under 30 years and not graduated) and Featured Applications in Public Policy, the category Featured Applications in Business is launched. In all, there are R$60,000 in prizes and promotion of the winners' work through videos and social networks.   

The purpose of the Award is to recognize and encourage work that develops solutions and enhances the production of knowledge and applications in public policy and the private sector based on data from an initiative, module or product of MapBiomas. In other words, work that uses data from or references MapBiomas Brasil, MapBiomas Amazônia, MapBiomas Chaco, MapBiomas Bosque Atlantico, MapBiomas Pampa Sul-Americano, MapBiomas Indonesia, MapBiomas Alerta, MapBiomas Árida or the GeoCovid MapBiomas portal can be submitted.

The award is open to studies, articles, monographs, dissertations, and theses, individually or in co-authorship, from technical, undergraduate, and graduate students, as well as professionals from private companies or NGOs, and public administrators. They must be unpublished or published after 2020 and use data or quotes from any MapBiomas initiative. They can, for example, be a description of an application of MapBiomas data in public policies or projects and activities developed by civil society or companies.

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Submissions are free and can be made through the website between November 10, 2021 and March 20, 2022. The works will be evaluated by a committee composed of five specialists and representatives of the partner organizations of this call, who will assess criteria such as theoretical and methodological consistency, relevance, originality, innovation, and the potential for technical and scientific, socioeconomic, environmental, and public policy impact. The results and the awarding event will be announced in May 2022.

For Julia Shimbo, scientific coordinator of MapBiomas, the increase in the number of entries year by year since the award was launched in 2018 reflects the increasing use of data from MapBiomas initiatives that, like its methods and maps, are open access, public and free. "This open science allows each year to increase the number of applications, papers and scientific articles that use MapBiomas data," explains Julia. "Today there are more than 500 scientific publications that use MapBiomas data. This is one of the motivations for the MapBiomas network to continue advancing its work.

How the Award launch webinar went: