MapBiomas Award announces winners of the 4th edition

A total of 139 works from Brazil and abroad were entered in four categories

June 21, 2022 - The MapBiomas Award announced on Tuesday (21) the winners of the 4th edition of the MapBiomas Award. There are six works awarded in four categories: General, Young People, Featured Applications in Public Policy and Featured Applications in Business - new this edition. In all, 139 entries were received, from five countries: Brazil, the United States, Germany, Belgium and Portugal. From Brazil, entries came from 22 states and the Federal District.

Trevor Ray Tisler, from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), won first place in the General Category with his work Conservation opportunities and challenges in Brazil's roadless and railroad-less areas. The researcher analyzed the impact of transportation infrastructure on the conservation of native vegetation in the six biomes of the country. 

The work is one of the articles that originated from Tisler's master's degree, currently a doctoral candidate. Quite emotional upon receiving the news of the award, the North American researcher thanked the support he received at UFMG. "Brazil invested in me, in my master's degree. I wanted to give something back to this country, as an immigrant here. Having this recognition gives me happiness because I know that I am rewarding this country, which has little, but has given me a lot," he said. Also signing the winning research are Fernanda Z. Teixeira and Rodrigo A.A. Nóbrega.

Second place in the General Category went to Patricia Guidão Cruz Ruggiero, from the Universidade de São Paulo (USP). She presented the paper Election cycles affect deforestation within Brazil's Atlantic Forest. The research, co-authored by Alexander Pfaff, Elizabeth Nichols, Marcos Rosa and Jean Paul Metzger, showed that deforestation tends to increase in election years.

In the Youth Category, the first place went to Alexandre Bomfim Gurgel do Carmo, from the Universidade Federal de São Carlos, with the work Qualitative, Quantitative and Temporal Analysis of the Native Vegetation Coverage of the Buffer Zones of the State of São Paulo Conservation Units. Co-authors: Paulo Guilherme Molin and Felipe Rosafa Gavioli.

In second place in the Youth Category, Bruno Antônio Manzolli (UFMG), was awarded for the work Diagnosis of Gold Mining in Brazil

Mariella Butti de Freitas Guilherme won in the category Highlight Applications in Public Policies with her work Habitat loss estimation to assess terrestrial mammal species extinction risk: an open data framework. The work, carried out by Mariella and other researchers from the Instituto Chico Mendes de Conservação da Biodiversidade (ICMBio) - Luciana Pacca, Paloma Marques Santos, André Chein Alonso, Gerson Buss, Gabriela Ludwig, Leandro Jerusalinsky and Amely B. Martins, contributes to support the application of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) categories of extinction risk, a fundamental classification for the development of public policies for biodiversity conservation.

In the category Highlight Applications in Public Policies, two honorable mentions were also awarded: to Lucas Sá Barreto Jordão (MapBiomas and the assessment of extinction risk of Brazilian flora) and Jakeline Bezerra Pinheiro (Use of the MapBiomas Alerts platform as a basic tool of the task force to combat illegal burning and deforestation within the scope of the Acre State Public Prosecutor's Office).

In this year's newcomer category, Highlight Applications in Business, Renato Kreczkiuski, from Klabin, was the winner with Environmental Compliance using data from Mapbiomas. Conducted together with Rafael Gomes, from Agrotools, the work shows how data layers from MapBiomas were included in the Terramatrix platform, to optimize the process of land prospection, without losing a complete and consistent look at environmental compliance integrated with the best ESG practices. 

More about the winning works of the 4th Edition of the MapBiomas Award, held in partnership with the Instituto Ciência Hoje, will be presented at the award ceremony. The date of the event will be announced soon.

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