Indigenous Lands contribute to the preservation of forests

The Indigenous Territories are among the main barriers against the advance of deforestation in Brazil. In the last 30 years, indigenous lands lost only 1% of their native vegetation area, while in private areas the loss was 20.6%.

Data from MapBiomas show that the devastation between 1990 and 2020 was 69 million hectares, of which only 1.1 million occurred in indigenous lands. Another 47.2 million hectares were deforested in private areas.

"The satellite data leaves no doubt that it is the indigenous people who are slowing the destruction of the Amazon forest. Without their territories, the forest would certainly be much closer to its tipping point beyond which it stops providing the environmental services on which our agriculture, industries and cities depend," explains Tasso Azevedo, general coordinator of MapBiomas.

Indigenous lands occupy 13.9% of Brazilian territory and contain 109.7 million hectares of native vegetation, corresponding to 19.5% of Brazil's native vegetation in 2020.

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