Mapbiomas Collections

From the Landsat mosaics, the classifications that result in land cover and land use maps are carried out for each year. Within the logic proposed by MapBiomas the maps will be updated every time there is an improvement in the classification algorithms. The classification methodology is dynamic and procedural, with the purpose of improving the classification of each typology.

Here you can access the coverage and land use maps organized by bioma and per year.

Important: when composing a single mosaic or calculating statistics on maps it should be noted that:

  • For area calculation it is necessary to use an appropriate metric projection.
  • The limits of Biomes were adapted by the original scale project published by the IBGE from 1: 5,000,000 to 1: 1,000,000 from the Territorial Boundaries Maps of Brazil 1: 250,000 (IBGE) and phytophysiognomies 1: 1,000,000, also of IBGE. The Shape des Boundaries is available for download along with reference maps.
  • All data is in GeoTiff format and has LZW compression. To get the reference of the codes with the caption classes go to:
  • The RGB color palette of each class is available in the file, and also in  ArcMap and QGIS.
  • From Collection 2.3 the annual maps are consolidated into a single file with several bands representing each year of the historical series (band 1 is the first year of the series). For previous collections it is necessary to download one file for each year.

To download the collections per bioma/year click here

Collection 4.0 maps can be exported by biome boundary, state, county, river basin, protected areas, or any other geographic boundary that the user is interested in clipping.

To make it easy to download your clipping of interest, please visit the download instructions on our GitHub:  ( or in our video  tutorial (

Once you understand the usage, you can directly access our download toolbox through the script:

To download the collections per bioma and including the classification for all years click here.