Infrastructure data


This is the first version of the mapping of airstrips in the Amazon [January 30, 2023]. It was made from visual interpretation of high resolution satellite images (4 meters, Planet) from cloud-free monthly mosaics from the year 2021, without dissociation between authorized and unauthorized landing strips. The images analyzed were made available by the NICFI (Norway's International Climate & Forests Initiative) program of providing high resolution imagery for the tropics.

The mapping of the airstrips was done by Solved, which also leads the mapping of Mining, Aquaculture and Coastal Zone in MapBiomas. Access it on MapBiomas Platform

The landing strips data are available in the shapefile (with readme guidelines).


Here you will find the list of all layers of energy and transport infrastructure data available on the MapBiomas platform.

They were compiled from information obtained in several organs including IBGE, ANTT, EPE, ONS, MME, ANAC among others. They were complemented with information from interviews, search in bibliography and internet. For more information about the description of contents and source of transport and energy infrastructure database access the Infrastructure ATBD appendix by clicking here.

Access here the Layers of Infrastructure Glossary.

For part of the data layers, where relevant, files containing the buffer polygons in the infrastructure environment (eg federal roads, hydroelectric) are also available.

All data represents the best database we could compile by August 2021.

Sector Theme Buffer Link
Airport   Download
Aerodromes yes  
Lock   Download
Freight Transhipment Station   Download
Waterway yes Download
Port Tourism Facility   Download
Port Installation under Record   Download
Port yes  
Private Use Terminal   Download
Ductwork yes  
Aquaduct   Download
Gas Pipeline   Download
Mineroduto   Download
Pipeline   Download
Poliduto   Download
Not identified   Download
Railway yes Download
Road   Download
State highway  
Federal Highway yes
Food & Beverage Outlets    
Fossil fuels  
Oil Refineries and Other Processing Facilities yes
Oil and Derivatives Storage and Distribution Terminal  
Compression Station  
Gas Delivery Point  
Natural Gas Processing Unit yes
Food & Beverage Outlets  
Biodiesel Plant yes
Biogas plant yes
Ethanol Plant yes
Bases of Distribution  
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Base  
Liquid Fuel Base  
Electrical industry   Download
Transmission line yes
Renewable Generation  
Wind farm yes
Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant yes
Biomass Thermoelectric Power Plant yes
Hydroelectric Plant yes
Small Hydropower Plant yes
Non-Renewable Generation  
Fossil Fuel Thermal Power Plant yes
Thermonuclear Power Plant yes
Energy Product Mine yes Download
Metal Product Mine yes Download
Other Product Mine yes Download

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