Atenção! Nova atualização da Coleção Mapbiomas - V3.1 Disponível!


Here you can download the MapBiomas map statistics database in Collection 3.1

  • COVERAGE - area (hectares) coverage and land use data by biome, state and municipality from 1985 to 2107
  • TRANSITIONS - area (hectares) transition / land cover change and biomass, state and municipality data for selected periods between 1985 and 2017.

For Collections 2 and 3, given the volume of data it represents (several terabites) and download is not practicable through the MapBiomas page.

You can access the Mosaics Collections 2 and 3 directly on Google Earth Engine through the following public collection (asset): projects/mapbiomas-workspace/MOSAICOS/workspace-c3