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MapBiomas is an initiative of the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimation System (SEEG) from the Climate Observatory's and is produced by a collaborative network of co-creators made up of NGOs, universities and technology companies organized by biomes and cross-cutting themes.

Biomes Coordination:

  • Amazon – Institute of Man and Environment of the Amazon (IMAZON)
  • Caatinga – State University of Feira de Santana (UEFS) and Plantas do Nordeste Association (APNE)
  • Cerrado – Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM)
  • Atlantic Forest – Foundation SOS Atlantic Forest Foundation and ArcPlan
  • Pampa – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
  • Pantanal – Institute SOS Pantanal Institute and ArcPlan

Cross-cutting Themes Coordination:

  • Pasture – Federal University of Goias (LAPIG/UFG)
  • Agriculture – Agrosatelite
  • Coastal Zone and Mining – Vale Technological Institute (ITV) / Solved
  • Urban infrastructure – Terras

Technology Partners:

  • Google
  • EcoStage
  • Terras App


  • Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI)
  • Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation
  • Arapyaú Institute
  • Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA)
  • Good Energies Foundation
  • Instituto Clima e Sociedade (ICS)
  • Humanize Institute
  • Children's Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF)

Institutional Partners:

  • WRI Brasil
  • Institute for Democracy and Sustainability (IDS)
  • AVINA Foundation
  • The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
  • Climate, Forest and Agriculture Coalition

Technical and Scientific Coordination: Carlos Souza (IMAZON)

General Coordination: Tasso Azevedo (SEEG/OC)

Independent Committee of Scientific Advice:

  • Alexandre Camargo Coutinho (Embrapa)
  • Edson Eygi Sano (IBAMA)
  • Gilberto Camara Neto (INPE)
  • Joberto Veloso de Freitas (Brazilian Forestry Service)
  • Matthew C. Hansen (Maryland University)
  • Mercedes Bustamante (University of Brasília)
  • Timothy Boucher (TNC)

Technical Partners:

  • Instituto de Manejo e Certificação Florestal e Agrícola (IMAFLORA)
  • Instituto de Energia e Meio Ambiente (IEMA)
  • Instituto Socioambiental (ISA)

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